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Having a houseplant around is the most zen way to bring nature indoors. We reap many benefits by having these wonderful, leafy companions with us through every season - from better air quality to a more beautified space.

Bringing plants into our homes from their native outdoors does come with a little bit of parenting. After all, you are taking care of a living thing that doesn’t speak your language when trying to ask for what it wants! Getting used to life on the inside takes a bit of transitioning, but for most plant parents it’s pretty straightforward:

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Winter conditions have been shown to cause depression symptoms in up to 20% of Americans, so you aren’t alone if the season has you feeling down. Seasonal Affective Disorder (also aptly known as SAD) is common and makes this season feel impossibly long, so while we still have a long wait before spring, some solutions are needed until then.

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Compared to the chilly winter temperatures outside, our climate-controlled homes are a luxury getaway for most common pests. With such a comfortable habitat, it makes it easy for them to move in, spelling bad news not just for your tropicals being moved indoors, but any other houseplants in your home, as well, so it’s our job to protect them all. Here are some of the most common offenders and how to give them an encouraging boot out the door.

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