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It doesn’t truly feel like Christmas until we’ve brought home the tree! Decorating the tree as a family is as much of a tradition as the Christmas morning gift exchange. However, while you might have anywhere from five to fifty gifts under the tree at once, most families only get one tree! That’s why it’s essential to make sure we’re choosing the right tree and giving it the care it needs to last all season long.

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While some of our perennials are lucky enough to just be going into their beauty sleep for the winter, we’re saying goodbye to some of our favorite summer annuals. The approaching winter weather doesn’t have to mean the end for all of your annuals, though! Despite their name, many of these plants can thrive for years of summer weather if you save them from the cold.

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Adding a new tree to your home isn’t just another chore to be done - it’s an investment into the future of your home and garden, and the addition of something new that will grow with you and your family. It’s easier than you think, and the perfect time to get started is now.

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