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We work hard all year to provide for ourselves and our families, so when a holiday rolls around, we embrace the well-deserved break. For many of us, sitting at home just isn’t enough, and a vacation away is necessary. As if planning and packing for a trip isn’t enough work, it’s hard to focus on anything once our brains settle into that “vacation mode”. But if we remember to set up our houseplants to survive our absence, we’ll have lively plants to greet us upon our return.

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While winter is not heavily associated with plants, the holidays are the one major exception! Traditionally, holiday greenery has been limited to evergreen boughs, poinsettias, and Christmas cactus. This year, however, there have been exciting trends in holiday greenery, incorporating fresh-looking herbs and foliage in muted, neutral colors. We’re also seeing a shift into understated holiday decor. The freshest looks for the 2018 holiday season are inspired by minimalism and simplicity.

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