closeup of christmas ornament ball

While winter is not heavily associated with plants, the holidays are the one major exception! Traditionally, holiday greenery has been limited to evergreen boughs, poinsettias, and Christmas cactus. This year, however, there have been exciting trends in holiday greenery, incorporating fresh-looking herbs and foliage in muted, neutral colors. We’re also seeing a shift into understated holiday decor. The freshest looks for the 2018 holiday season are inspired by minimalism and simplicity.


    For these front-door mainstays, the look for the 2018 holiday season focuses on rustic-looking natural materials. Birch logs, mixed conifers, and special touches, like winter-berry, add character to your curb appeal.


    While traditional holiday decor often uses evergreens as a vessel for ribbon, glitter, and flocking, this European trend flips the focus to the evergreen itself. Clippings of coniferous trees are submerged in water within clear glass bottles - a fresh, simple look that is easy for anyone to replicate.

festive christmas wreaths with fruits, pinecone and a drum


    Classic wreaths are by no means “out”, but asymmetrical designs have taken social media by storm. This trend re-imagines the wreath silhouette, with a slim hoop providing the structure and a partial section covered with statement-making greenery, decorations, and even fresh flowers.


    Traditional bright greens are also taking a break in 2018 and making room for softer shades of green and unexpected textures. In an equally unexpected turn of events, florals have also emerged as a trending decor choice this year

Sage: With its light green color, soft texture, and subtle fragrance, sage has come out as a holiday hit. Innovative decorators have discovered that this lovely herb makes a striking wreath that stays beautiful as it dries.

    Eucalyptus: The scent of the eucalyptus has a herbal quality reminiscent of juniper, but the foliage is the trend of the moment. Elegant, wispy, and balanced in shape, eucalyptus has been showing up everywhere, from holiday wreaths to mantelpieces.

Magnolia: Magnolias are typically found a little further south than Indiana, but these southern belles are getting attention due to their statement-making blooms. Magnolia garlands are especially popular, though it may be easiest to opt for the artificial ones in our climate.

winter grapes

Juniper: Since the focus for 2018 holiday trends is all about organic textures, juniper berries have attracted some attention due to their untamed texture and subtle pop of color, a very on-trend pale, muted blue.

Birch: Birchwood is showing up in a big way this year, with birch-bark-wrapped candles rising in popularity along with bundles of birch logs being used as accents for entryways and fireplaces. Once again, muted colors are ‘it’ this year, and birch’s white bark and minimalist texture hit the mark.

The holiday decor trends for 2018, overall, seem to be taking an easygoing, relaxed approach. Paired with gently falling snow outside the window, the modern home is about to be transformed into the oasis from the holiday shopping crowds we all deserve.