Adding a new tree to your home isn’t just another chore to be done - it’s an investment into the future of your home and garden, and the addition of something new that will grow with you and your family. It’s easier than you think, and the perfect time to get started is now.


Technically, you can plant a tree anytime that the ground isn’t frozen and covered in snow, but some weather conditions certainly give you a better start than others. Temperature is the key here. Avoiding heat waves is smart and prevents the work of watering constantly, but weather too frigid might stunt your tree’s growth. The happy medium is during the fall when your tree can have a stress-free start before the harsh weather settles in.


You’ll want to plant your tree as soon as you get it home, so it’s smartest to get your planting area ready beforehand. Pick a location that will give your tree the conditions it needs without demanding too much regular maintenance work for you - keeping in mind light and watering. Trees can be as picky as any other plant, but there’s a match for any yard - and we’d be glad to help find the right fit for your home.

The secret to a great tree is starting with the best foundation. Dig a hole with plenty of room for the root ball - twice the width and as deep is ideal. Make sure that you’ve got ample supplies of good compost and peat moss to fill in the hole once you’ve planted, too, so that your tree has what it needs to grow.

If you’re digging your hole and find yourself hitting soil that isn’t good quality (clay or gravel), you can help your tree out by digging a wider hole and stocking it with good, high-nutrient soil to give the roots somewhere to grow.

The quicker you can plant, the better. Keep the root ball moist to reduce stress on your tree as you get ready to introduce it into your yard.


Once you’ve got a hole ready for the tree, you can plant! Water before you plant to keep the roots hydrated in their first few days in your yard. Then, place your tree in the hole and start backfilling with dirt, compost, and peat moss, keeping the top layer of soil off of the trunk to prevent decay.


Watering might be the most important part of planting your tree. Trees are the biggest plants in our yard so it makes sense that they need a lot of water to stay hydrated. In the first few weeks of having it in your yard, you’ll want to water you tree deeply every other day. Once your tree is established in the spring, they will only need weekly watering, or none at all if you’ve had rain.



Mulch is the secret to successful trees, helping to insulate the soil, while locking moisture in near the roots where and protecting them from the furthest extremes of temperatures. Natural mulches, like pine or leaf mulches, are ideal for your new tree.

Mulching is simple. Spread the mulch up to 3x the diameter of your root ball, layering it thicker closer to the trunk. Like the top layer of soil, keep a small gap between your mulch and the trunk, to prevent damage or decay. It’s that simple and your tree will thank you for it.

Trees are an amazing addition to your yard and home. They’ve got a gorgeous aesthetic that adds a natural statement piece to your home that never goes out of style. They’re something that you can bring home to your yard to grow with you, your home, and your family for years, and it’s the investment that just keeps giving.

We’re always excited to talk to you about how you can find the perfect tree for your home. Visit us today to get started!