Spring may be when nature comes alive, but fall is when it explodes. Autumn paints the world in fiery shades and our lives become decorated in warmth, despite the chill in the air. To achieve the perfect autumn aesthetic in your garden, here are our top picks to keep your garden on trend with color.


Red is a color of power and passion, and it’s also a top trending color in fall. To bring the vibrancy of this hue to your garden, try one of these fall favorites.

Chrysanthemums are a bright and bold statement flower that thrive in the crisp autumn air. They come in many beautiful colors, but their reds are certainly some of their most sensational shades. They may be labelled as hardy, but here in Indiana we know that they’re better as an annual. All they need is plenty of sun and water to last right until frost.

Tamukeyama Japanese Maples

Tamukeyama Japanese Maples

Virginia Creepers are amazingly tough and hardy vines with five-lobed leaves that dazzle in dark green throughout the season, slowly transforming to a brick red in the fall. Not only are their colors a treat for your eyes, but birds love them, too. They can grow in any lighting conditions and are drought tolerant, so they can handle our occasional heat wave.

Tamukeyama Japanese Maples are delightful, bushy trees with silvery-gray bark that bring a sensational show of color all year round. The lovely, lacy foliage starts crimson red then deepens in color to a moody purple that breaks into bold and fiery shades in the fall. Don’t let them dry out and you’ll have a terrific tree for years to come.

Goldsturm Coneflowers

Goldsturm Coneflowers


Yellow is a color of happiness and friendship, two things that are often found in fall. Add this trendy color to your yard with these late season lovelies.

Fireworks Goldenrods pop in a fall garden with plentiful plumes of golden yellow flowers that butterflies adore. They prefer to bask in full sun to keep them bright and beautiful, don’t like to dry out. Deadhead the spent blooms regularly to keep them blooming longer.

Goldsturm Coneflowers are a Black-Eyed Susan with a rich, golden daisy flowers with dark brown globed centers. To grow them in your garden, give them full sun and soil that never dries for the greatest performance.

Tiger Eyes Sumacs

Tiger Eyes Sumacs


The colour of pumpkins and spice, orange is a hue that is most at home in fall. To add this delectable color trend to your garden, try these sensational selections.

Legacy Sugar Maples are large and lovely maple trees to style and shape your fall landscape. They put on a superb spring and summer performance that melts into a brilliant orange show in fall. All these low-maintenance lovelies need is full sun and moist roots to offer their best performance all year.

Tiger Eyes Sumacs are stunning shrubs with bright yellow ferny leaves that deepen to orange in the fall. They tend to grow nice and tall, with a similar width as its height, so give it room to grow when you bring it home. Plant in full sun to partial shade and water regularly.


Standing aside from the traditionally fiery shades that dominate the fall color wheel is the deep and moody purple. To harness this dominating, dark trend, try these dazzlers.

Bertram Anderson Stonecrop is a showy sedum with gorgeous gray-green foliage punctuated with burgundy flowers with white overtones. They are drought tolerant and tremendously tough, so all they need is sun to keep them looking their best all season.

Black Knight Butterfly Bush makes mastering moody purple refreshingly simple. It’s not picky about its soil conditions, and all it needs is full sun to give you a powerful performance of deep purple flower spikes that bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love.

Fall is nature’s most decorative time and designing your garden with fall color will help you keep up with the changing trend this season. With fall flora like these, though, freshening up your fall aesthetic is easy. For more fall color trend tips and to browse our selection, visit the garden center today!