One of the greatest treats that our garden gives to us is beautiful blooms. They are a breathtaking way to beautify our space, giving us a mood lift that lasts all day. While flowers in our garden beds are nice, we don’t talk about flowering trees and shrubs quite enough. Here are some of our favorite flowering trees and shrubs for every garden:


Some areas of our garden just bask in the sunlight, and you need shrubs and trees that can thrive in such well-lit conditions. For those parts of your landscape that don’t provide any escape from the sun, try these flowering beauties:



These stunning shrubs are the sources of some of the most amazing colors you’ll find in your garden, or even maybe indoors if you cut them and take them inside. Globes of endless blooms are the perfect addition to your home, as they burst with unique colors that you don’t find on many other flowers. With a bit of home chemistry to change the pH of your soil, you can even change the color of some hydrangea blooms yourself. 

Plant somewhere with full sun in the morning and full or dappled afternoon sun, where the shrub will be well sheltered from the wind. Choose rich soil and use mulch to lock moisture in for a consistent wetness that will keep your hydrangea happy. Annual pruning of hydrangeas will ensure you have the biggest, most bountiful blooms.



These blooms are an old fashioned favorite that has stuck around for a good reason. Dripping with attractive purple-rose colored blooms and surrounded by their delectable scent, lilacs are a fine presence in the garden. Although we love the traditional purple lilacs, some varieties bloom in in other hues if you’d like something different. Available as a shrub or as a tree, gardeners have lots of options to choose from.

Plant in full sun, in a location that has well-draining soil. While lilacs like consistent moisture, they hate wet feet and will need the drainage to avoid drowning their roots. Prune yearly after blooming to encourage the best and most blooms for the next season. If you want to take some blooms indoors to enjoy, trim them when the plumes are only half open for longer lasting results.


Sometimes the full heat and intensity of the sun is a little too much for our favorite blooming shrubs and trees, so a location that offers enough exposure without quite as much intensity is preferred. These sites might offer only the more delicate morning sun, or perhaps sunlight that is dappled and filtered through another plant’s foliage. However it presents itself in your landscape, these are some favorites to fill the space with blooms:


Roses are one of the most iconic flowers in the world. A symbol of everlasting love and friendship, their delicate layers of petals and dainty scent are held close to the heart for many people. Thanks to the diversity of the species, though, they aren’t just limited to the difficult and finicky ornamental roses, but are available in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and hardiness levels. There’s a rose for most gardens and gardeners. 

Growing a beautiful rose bush is accessible to almost anyone, but they key is to set them up for success properly. Choose a location with approximately 6 hours of sun a day with well-draining soil. Use mulch on top of the soil to help lock moisture in to make rose care even easier. Prune them just at the beginning of the season to have the best blooms, and enjoy a spot of romance in your garden by your rose bush.


Just as is implied by the name, these flowers aren’t actual oranges, but they look a little like them. The tiny white flowers on these shrubs look like orange blossoms and they even release a delightful citrus scent, a favorite amongst both humans and butterflies. Even though they only bloom for a short time, their moody dark foliage is still a great presence in the landscape. 

Plant in an area that gets sun or partial shade, in well-draining soil that’s been supplemented with nutrient-rich compost. While you’ll want to keep the shrub nice and moist when it’s first getting established, afterwards it is wonderfully low-maintenance and thrives on a little bit of neglect.


Some of the best treats in our garden are those that liven up the darker, shaded areas. Those shady spots don’t have to be dim and forgotten, you can give them new life with some of these spectacular blooms:



This family of plants numbers more than a thousand species, so there’s something for everyone to love. Growing as shrubs or occasionally small trees, these flowering beauties offer blooms in every shade and leaves growing in a spiral. Absolutely iconic among flowering shrubs and trees, this blooming beauty is a great choice for the garden. One of our favorites includes Azaleas, a trumped shaped variety that traditionally blooms in purple and pink. 

Choose a sheltered spot with well-draining and acidic soil, topping with mulch to retain an even moisture level. Use a high-acid fertilizer annually to keep them your rhododendron looking spectacular.


These small trees are an excellent choice for any landscape as they provide spring blooms and interesting color even in the winter with their bright bark. While flower colors range, they are most commonly seen in shades of white and pink to rosy red for a few weeks in early spring. 

In nature, dogwoods grow underneath the canopy of other trees, so in your garden they will appreciate having a similarly sheltered place to thrive. Provide extra water during the summer and the fall to ward off the effects of dry spells. Otherwise, enjoy their incredibly low-maintenance habit where they rarely require pruning or fertilizing to dazzle your yard. 

Having a flowering tree or shrub is a great way to introduce some color and style to your landscape that will come back year after year. Whether you have the perfect spot in full sun or in the shade there are lots of beautiful options to enjoy. Stop into Dammann’s and check out our large selection of flowering beauties today!