As we have patiently waited for spring, we have also waited to discover which new annuals have taken center-stage for 2018. This year is focused on warmth and color, with red and pink hues that are sure to transport you and your garden to a tropical oasis. This is just the treat we need after a long winter. These will be some of the most popular blooms of this year to give your garden and home a cheerful seasonal boost. 

Annuals are the perfect way to explore new trends and fashion in your garden. They are refreshing with their bright tones and bold new growth, but don’t call for drastic commitment. These are some excellent choices to add new life and colour to your yard and home while still saving room for something new next year.



Last year the “Night Sky Blue” Petunia enchanted many of us, with its deep, cosmic feel and beauty. This year, the “Sky” series has grown to include this stunning fuchsia variety that is sure to take your breath away. Bright pink with charming white speckling, each flower is as unique as a strand of DNA, making up a gorgeous arrangement that looks best on its own. 
Only about 1’ high, with a 2’ spread, this plant is perfect for container gardening or in a hanging basket. It likes to grow and giving it the space it needs to spill will give you the best growing display all season. Containers have the additional benefit of protecting against strong winds, as these decorative “Pink Skies” (like all petunias) won’t hold up in windy weather. 
The “Pink Sky Petunia” is a hungry annual. Its bright color and enthusiastic growth perform at their best with frequent fertilization. Start them off right and simplify your summer care regime with a slow release fertilizer in the soil of their container. Top them off weekly with an all-purpose fertilizer with a high middle number for the most outstanding blooms all summer.


The small but mighty “Red Kiss Begonia” is an excellent choice for any garden this year. With a ring of scarlet red reminiscent of a fresh lipstick print, these decorative annuals offer opportunities as a tabletop container or even terrarium plant. This popular new Begonia has a strong aesthetic appeal that pairs well in a container mix or on its own. 
Begonias are naturally suited to growing with some cover and protection from sunlight. For the best results with this top annual, a location that offers some shelter from direct sun is ideal. Consider structuring and locating your container to shelter them or even growing them in an East-facing window. Although they prefer less sunlight, frequent watering is a must. Check your begonia often and water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. 
The “Red Kiss Begonia” is a less aggressive grower than other annuals and will not be as hungry as some of your other seasonal choices. They will require only annual or biannual fertilization for their best looking growth. If you find yourself wanting faster growth from your begonia, an all-purpose fertilizer with a high middle number every so often will help give your plant a boost. 


The bright and beautiful blooms are an enticing reminder of a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot and sunny day. The pink petals with yellow edges on this Hibiscus are irresistibly tropical, a perfect fit for the summer that we have had to wait so patiently for. 
Standing over 6’ tall, and over 4’ wide, these striking blossoms will look great indoors in a container, where they can get the attention they require. Due to their tropical nature, “Pink Lemonades” are a full-sun flower, so ensuring they get the exposure they need with regular watering is key to their success. 
Pairing with their refreshing appearance, hibiscuses are also known for their refreshing taste. Staying true to their name, these “Pink Lemonade Hibiscuses” will pair perfectly with an actual lemonade this summer. Simply add boiling water to the dried flowers, sprinkled with some sugar and you’ll have a delicious hibiscus boost to add to your lemonades all summer long.

The top annuals for 2018 are sure to catch your eye with their gorgeous hues. These annuals add a great seasonal touch to any garden. With such a long-awaited spring and summer the bright colours and vibrant new growth of annuals are a great way to get the most from the season.