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With a tough winter and a seemingly unending Polar Vortex cold snap, it’s pretty hard to imagine what it must be like for some of our poor perennial plants, shivering their way through the winter under a layer of snow. While we are endlessly thankful for inventions like furnaces and space heaters, we don’t envy the lives of our tough perennials these days!

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Is there anything more picturesque than an afternoon at the park, or tea on the patio while feeding the wild birds? It’s easy, fun, kids love it, and our feathered friends certainly appreciate the gesture. But one thing’s for certain: birds have a very selective diet, and while they may be quick to snatch up scraps of “people food” when it gets tossed out into the yard, that doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Here are few more friendly breadcrumb alternatives to consider.

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When the temperatures plummet, and we take shelter in the warm atmospheres of our homes, our garden beds aren’t quite as lucky. Our plants are left to face the most frigid temperatures our Indiana winters can throw at them, and we often worry about what we’ll be left with when spring returns. With what they face - from snow to ice and more - will there even be a garden to return to in spring?

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