Christmas Trees


Dammann’s Garden Company has a beautiful selection of fresh-cut Christmas trees this season in a variety of types and sizes! When you purchase a tree from us, we’ll make a fresh cut on the base and help you load it for the trip home. Our trees range in size from 5-9 feet, and they are priced between $39.99-$69.99. Merry Christmas!

Canaan Fir: A cross between the Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir, with characteristics from both trees. The dark green color and soft needles have a silvery underside similar to a Frasier Fir. Wonderful color, good needle retention and lasting evergreen aroma!

Concolor Fir: Also known as White Fir. This is a true fir with seed origin the same as Douglas Fir.  They are the most aromatic of all Christmas tree species. This tree is a quality tree that decorates well with heavier ornaments and needle retention is generally very good.

Douglas Fir: A classic Christmas tree!  The needles are short, soft and vary from green to blue-green.  Great long lasting color, good needle retention, and a Christmas aroma!

White Pine: The soft long needles that have a blue-green color with just a hint of white make this tree a favorite of pine buyers.  Moderately strong boughs weep gracefully when hung with ornaments. Long lasting color and great needle retention!

Matthew Dammann