1.  One-year, 50% warranty on all trees and shrubs.
  2. Customers who purchase plant installation from Dammann’s Garden Co. along with the plant material receive a 30-day, 100% warranty, followed by a 23 month, 50% warranty.
    1. If plant loss occurs within the first month of planting, plant material will be replaced at no charge.  If plant loss occurs in months 2-24, cost of replacement is 50% of plant material plus full labor.


  1. Annuals, perennials, sod and houseplants are excluded from this warranty. The warranty does not apply to plants displayed in above-ground planters or containers.  
  2. Customers must install plants according to the “Planting Instructions” on the back of the warranty. 
  3. Under this warranty, plant materials carry a one-time replacement.
  4. If you feel your plant is not thriving, please contact the store immediately or bring us a photo.  If we determine that the plant is not salvageable, please have your warranty on hand to receive your credit.


*Returned plant material must be accompanied by the original sales receipt and warranty.  We do not keep copies of either.  Due to demand and availability, we cannot guarantee that we will have in stock the same plant at the same size or price.  We appreciate your business and wish you success with your garden and landscape!