2016 Flowering Shrub List

Flowering shrubs add color and beauty to any landscape. We offer a huge selection of all your favorite flowing shrubs both for sun or shade!

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Evergreen Shrub List

Evergreen shrubs are an easy way to add color to any landscape. Most varieties stay relatively small and are easy to care for. We have a huge selection of all your favorite evergreen shrubs!

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2016 Shade Tree List

We offer an enormous selection of trees that grow over 20 foot tall to provide quick shade or to just fill an empty spot in your yard.

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2016 Ornamental Tree List

Ornamental trees typically stay under 20 foot and are very useful in the landscape. We have tons of different varieties of small trees from the most basic to the more unique.

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2016 Evergreen Tree List

Evergreens offer year round interest while being relatively easy to care for. We offer a selection of evergreen trees to suit any need. 

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Ornamental Grass List

Ornamental grasses add beauty to the landscape without much fuss. We offer a selection of grasses that grow and thrive in our clay soils!

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Hydrangea List

We carry a huge selection of all your favorite hydrangeas!

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Viburnum List

Viburnums are extremely easy to grow and love our Indiana clay soil. We carry a huge selection of these versatile shrubs that can add four seasons of interest to any landscape.

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Black Walnut Toxicity

Black Walnut Toxicity has been a hot topic around the Nursery, especially what can be planted near the dreaded root zone.

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Grass Seed

We carry a wide selection of grass seed for that beautiful lawn you've always wanted. You may purchase by the pound or in a 50 lb. bag. (Some varieties are available in pre-packaged 5 lb. bags.) Here's a list of our seed for 2016.

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Starting Seeds Indoors

The time is nearing to start your vegetable and herb seeds indoors. Getting a jump start on the growing season is a fun activity and can help shake some of the pesky winter blues. We have gotten a lot of our new seeds in for 2016. Here are 10 tips to help you get started.

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Making a Terrarium

Hold onto your gardening hats, folks! Remember terrariums? A new trend revitalizing the old style is now better than ever. Creating a theme is easier too, with the all the miniatures now available. 

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Selecting Perennials:
Five Tips for Success

By Dottie Wright, Horticulturist - There are so many choices in varieties of perennials; it can be a bit daunting walking in to our three garden centers to shop for that new garden project. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you focus and narrow those choices to your unique taste and goals.

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