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Whenever you’re designing the style and look of your landscape, curating an assortment of plants to provide variety in color, texture, and height is a surefire way to create a look that is fashionable in a way that endures. While tall and brightly colored flowers are a vivid statement piece, they look their best complemented with other more subtle, low-lying blooms. The stars of the show might shine and catch your attention in the summer, but their subtle backup dancers do a lot of the heavy lifting to compliment them and fill in the look.

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While some of our perennials are lucky enough to just be going into their beauty sleep for the winter, we’re saying goodbye to some of our favorite summer annuals. The approaching winter weather doesn’t have to mean the end for all of your annuals, though! Despite their name, many of these plants can thrive for years of summer weather if you save them from the cold.

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