“Without privacy there was no point in being an individual.”
- Jonathan Franzen

In today’s day and age of social media and live-streamed existences, it can feel impossible to live a private life. With a camera in every pocket, there seems to be no escape for a moment of peace and quiet. At home, behind closed doors, can feel like the only time we get to ourselves. But who wants to live a life inside?

Hedges are an awesome, all-natural way to bring privacy to your home. The thickly-growing trees offer a curtain of fresh, green life to shield you from the world while still letting you enjoy the great outdoors. The beautiful, green foliage will give you the privacy you need without compromising aesthetic. 
These living fences offer so much more than just a visual shield, too. The density of the plants you choose may also offer a sound barrier. The hedge can also help to shelter your yard from wind and even snow!


To grow your own hedge, you first need to determine how much space you have. Figure out where you would like your hedge to be and measure the length and width you have available. This will determine how many plants you will need to get. 

Depending on the shrub’s natural growing habits, you may need 3 layers for added density, or you may only need one. Their natural width will also tell you how much space you will need between each plant. For a more continuous-looking growth, you may only be planting 1’ - 2’ apart. For your shrubs to appear more individual, you may plant 3’ - 4’ apart.

Next, you will need to decide which plant you will use. Deciduous shrubs are gorgeous and come in amazing varieties and colours that change with the season. They will also die off in the winter, though. Evergreens have lovely, luscious growths that will thrive all year-round. 
For a straight, even appearance, you will want to mark your hedge line. Add a stake where you would like your hedge to start and another at your desired end. Tie a string between both, keeping it taut for a straight line. Depending on the width you need between your plants, mark your string with equal distances for evenly spaced planting.
Dig your holes as deep as the root balls of your plants. Remove your plants from their containers or casings and place in the holes. Should your plants appear root bound - their roots are tightly wound together - loosen them gently with your fingers before planting. Fill in your holes and water well to help them settle. 
Add mulch around your plants, being careful not to have any mulch actually touching them. This will help retain moisture, regulate temperatures, and prevent weeds while your plants are growing. Follow their growing instructions and begin “training” them into shape only after they are growing well. Do this by trimming the tops and sides a few times each year.

With so many varieties to choose from, planting a hedge can be whatever you make it. Shrubs come in all shapes and sizes, so the only limitation for yours is your imagination. To help inspire you and get you growing, here are a couple of our favourite hedge plants.


Boxwoods are a densely-growing, low-maintenance evergreen. They come in many shapes, from round to pyramid, and sizes - anywhere from 3’ - 9’ tall. Prune them regularly and you can create any shape you desire. These evergreens typically have a bright green foliage that darkens slightly for the winter. They have been proven to attract bees into yards and will deter wildlife, like deer. Plant in full to partial sun and keep the soil moist to have a beautiful boxwood hedge for decades to come.

Arborvitae provides a more elegant, individualized-looking hedge all year long. The tall, narrow, cone-shaped trees come in many varieties (some of which can even grow to 30’ tall). The Emerald Green Arborvitae is one of the most popular varieties for its hardy and disease-resistant nature. Latin for “tree of life,” this arborvitae will have a long life of up to 50 years and is resistant to snow and ice. Where other arborvitaes will bronze for the winter, this variety will keep its scaly leaves green throughout the year. Plant in moist, slightly acidic soil in a sunny area and prune regularly for a long-living hedge that you will love.


Sometimes we just want a moment to ourselves in the comfort of the outdoors. Keep out peeping eyes and the hustle and bustle of the outside world with a hedge of your very own. Come in today and let us help you take back your yard with your very own privacy hedge today!