All Things Tomato, Part 2: New Greenhouse Categories

We know you’re thinking about juicy, delicious homegrown tomatoes about now – we are too! Our extensive varieties list (over eighty, yes 80) this season is going to make decision-making difficult for you, but that’s a good thing. We have some surprises for you, so check future installments of ALL THINGS TOMATO blog for our printable list. One thing you may notice this year is that we’re grouping our varieties by type instead of strictly alphabetical. Here is what you will find on our easy to shop aisles this spring:

Cherry Varieties:  Grapes and Cherries, small fruit on very large vines with prolific yields. Many varieties to choose from.

Indeterminate Varieties (Vine Types):  Vines reach 6-10’ and need support. Fruit is born over a long season ending with frost. Includes beefsteak, heirloom, and many hybrid varieties.

Determinate /Semi-Determinate Varieties (Bush Types):  These are shorter varieties suitable for containers and canning types since fruit ripens within a 2-3-week period.  Of course, they are also suitable for fresh eating. At 3.5-4’, it is usually not necessary to stake, but if heavy with fruit they will benefit from a cage or stake to support.

Semi-Determinate varieties are typically not as tall as most vines but taller than bush types, easily staked at 5’h. They have a main crop that ripens together but will continue to produce until frost.

Early Varieties:  Since we can hardly wait for that mouth-watering taste, these varieties are the earliest to ripen, usually under 60 days. You could be in tomato bliss by July 4th!

Chef Jeff Kids Collection:  Clever names and packaging on these tomatoes, vegetables, and fruit, will have kids wanting to have their own little plot!

Matthew Dammann